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Payable to Bo Huff Medical Expense Acct
Sunnyside Credit Union
PO Box 519Sunnyside UT 84539
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The Custom car world has been hit hard lately with the deaths of some of its pioneers
and significant practitioners. Custom painting innovator Larry Watson and West Coast
Kustoms founder Rich Pichette both passed away in late July. Larry Alexander, elder
of the famous Alexander Brothers, died in August. We are losing our heroes.

Another of our good friends and lifelong customizers, Bo Huff, was recently diagnosed
with Stage 3 Multiple Myeloma and is in treatment at Huntsman Hospital in Salt Lake
City, Utah, one of the premier cancer institute's in the U.S. As you might guess, the
treatment is very expensive and Bo's medical insurance is not sufficient to cover all of
the cost. If you know Bo, you know he is generous to a fault and has given to those in
need many times. Now he's in need. A fund has been set-up to help with medical
costs. If you can help in any way, Here is the information
An account has been set up at Sunnyside Credit Union. 1 Market Street. PO Box 519,
Sunnyside, Utah 84539. to help Bo Huff pay his medical bills.

Bo cannot begin his treatment until he can prove his ability to pay $8000.00 per month
for three consecutive months after receiving the initial treatment. Apparently, the
medication required on a monthly basis supports the success of the treatment and
treatment is not available to those who cannot afford this three month expense of

If you wish to make a donation, please follow the instructions below: